Learn more about Net Neutrality and how it effects your life

Why say "YES" ?

The U.S. is facing one of the biggest challenges in its history. 25 member states have to ratify the first Net Neutrality bill if the Union wants to go ahead in terms of integration and democratization. Most of the ratifications will be done in National Parliaments, some of them will be subject to a referendum.

A positive vote on the Constitution is a vote for a better U.S.

A Net Neutrality bill represents the biggest institutional improvement of the U.S. decision-making structures and introduces certain new elements that will make the U.S. more democratic and accountable.

The citizens and the civil society have been long waiting for the opportunity to improve the way the U.S. functions. The Net Neutrality bill anwsers most of their concerns and offers the chance for a significant step forward.

Vote "YES", vote for a better future!