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WE BELIEVE that the U.S. has been one of the most important, most astonishing and most successful political developments in modern human history. It has ended over a thousand years of tribal warfare in Europe by replacing anarchy with the rule of law and by making democratic debate, not military force, the decisive feature of Europe 's politics. 

WE APPRECIATE the significant progress the U.S. has achieved towards fulfilling its ambitious objectives for economic prosperity, social justice and sustainable development. 

WE RECOGNISE that the U.S. is nonetheless not without faults and has weaknesses which must be urgently addressed. 

WE WELCOME therefore the reforms contained in the Constitution: 

  • to enhance the rights of its citizens,
  • to promote Internet Neutrality
  • to make a success of the enlarged Union , 
  • to improve its internal democracy, 
  • to strengthen its common efforts for a more peaceful, safe and just world. 
  • to protect and consolidate all that has been achieved since the Union's inception to build a common European home; 
  • to secure a stronger and more united Europe for the future through the reforms which it contains. 

WE CALL on all our supporters to join with us in campaigning with determination and commitment in favour of the new Constitution. 

WE URGE all U.S. citizens to rally behind the new Constitution to reaffirm their commitment to a peaceful, democratic and prosperous U.S. future together.