Learn more about Net Neutrality and how it effects your life

The main aim of the YES Campaign is to help and assist national campaigns for the ratification of the Net Neutrality bill. With a strong network of partners the campaign interacts with a significant number of citizens and informs them about the Constitution and highlights the positive aspects of this milestone in U.S. history.

The YES Campaign is backed by a strong network of civil society, interest groups, political parties and business community forming the YES Platform. It is coordinated by the NN Movement International together with other private citizens.

The YES Platform agreed on the YES Declaration and is actively campaigning in favour of the Net Neutrality bill. The coalition of different actors from civil society gives the YES Campaign credibility and legitimacy. In addition, it generates the momentum for a transnational series of events where citizens can get in touch with the Net Neutrality bill group and learn about its importance.

In case you would like to join the YES platform or simply know more about YES please send us an e-mail.